A Success Story: Staying centered – Stress & Emotional Intelligence as a project manager

Staying centered – Stress & Emotional Intelligence as a project manager

Webinar by Kelly Keen

4 June 2019, at Celonic Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Heidelberg.

Entering a former slaughterhouse turned GMP manufacturing facility, myself and Ignacio Pena met Ms. Kelly Keen for the first time in person.
She began with a presentation she gave to the ISPE Board in Dublin on ways she sees the YPs helping us form the Workforce of the Future by expanding affiliations with Universities all over the world, launching STEM programs and expanding the DACH Hackatons to Asia and the US.

The feature presentation traveled through her past as a PM and ISPE YP member with over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

The presentation was organized in four sections:

1.) The effects of stress on mental & physical wellbeing
2.) How genetics play a role in how people perceive and deal with stress, knowing some things are programmed into your DNA
3.) Wellness coping strategies that she has experimented with as a fitness instructor for 30 years
4.) How all this calculates into our emotional intelligence and how we communicate with others.

In the future, our ability to challenge, have empathy and communicate emotionally will set our skills apart from Artificial Intelligence.

Get a glimpse of this stunning personality, sharing inside her mental landscape. Take the chance to learn from her coping strategies tackling immense pressure.

In the fourth episode of the ISPE D/A/CH Emerging Leaders webinar series we will distance ourselves from technical subjects and move to a far more valuable asset, the emotional well-being.
“Staying Centered – Stress & Emotional Intelligence as a Project Manager” is a one-and-a-half-hour lasting journey through Kelly Keen`s experiences, during which the audience got the chance of asking personal questions.

Move deeper into her past and family history in the search for answers, returning with the right set of skills, a mixture of exercise, nutrition and meditation to counteract the physical and mental self-abuse, hopefully making her a better leader, person and partner.

If you are interested in her story, watch the recording of this webinar, freely available for all ISPE members.

Authors: Rudger Heß & Kelly Keen
Lindau, June 12, 2019