Members of the YP ISPE D/A/CH joined the ISPE Hackaton in Dublin

“It’s 2030 and you have just been employed at Jigsaw Inc., a nre company, an innovative new pharmaceutical manufacturer. You are placed in a multi-disciplinary technical team and a Community of Practice to develop a strategy for a new multiproduct manufacturing facility in Dublin.”

As members of the YP DACH, we, Jan Demmer and Patrick Fabian, joined the ISPE YP Hackathon in Dublin which was part of the ISPE Europe Annual Conference 2019. During this event, we were able to meet young colleagues from all over Europe.

The ISPE YP Hackathon is a two-day workshop that is fully organized by dedicated YPs from all over Europe. Going into its third round this year, many different topics were covered – always keeping the future in mind. In this year’s edition, we faced the challenge of creating a new multi-drug manufacturing facility. In multidisciplinary teams and with the help of experienced trainers from the pharmaceutical industry, each team provided background knowledge and innovative ideas.

Novel aspects such as cloud solutions, 3D printing and automation were discussed and challenged during implementation. In addition, the participants improved their skills in cross-functional organization and working within international groups.

Just as in the last years, a focus was set on breaking down silos and innovative problem solving. All set in a fun and encouraging environment.

Not only the fantastic energy of the group, but also the audience was highly motivating. In the end, we had to present our results to members of the “Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Leadership Forum” which selected the winning team.

All in all, the great teamwork and sharing of backgrounds was of enormous value to everyone. Outstanding was to us that all groups put the patient at the centre of their presentation.

Most of the YPs travelled at their own expense and made the choice to spent their free weekend. It is tremendous to see how dedicated and passionate all participants were.

We have to thank the Irish YPs for the perfectly organized hackathon. To us, it was a great success.

Acknowledgement: The trip to Dublin of Jan Demmer was supported by ISPE YP DACH affiliate with a travel grant. Thank you very much!

Jan Demmer
Project Engineer
B. Braun Melsungen AG

Fabian Patrick
Junior Consultant Compliance
Arcondis AG