Why did I join the YP DACH community?

Hello, I’m Michael Hell, I am a plant assistant at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, responsible for liquid packaging and logistics. Prior to this position, I headed the strategy realization office and served as Chief of Staff to the Head of Global Pharma Operations. I am holding a PhD in cell biology and a master in chemistry. I love languages and connecting with other people and jointly drive things forward.

What made you join the ISPE?

I joined ISPE on recommendation of a truly inspring senior ISPE member in 2017 and shortly after joined the Annual European Conference. I was truly inspired by the breadth of this community, the diverse activities at the forefront of what is most relevant to the Pharmacautical Industry today and in the future.

What are your tasks / projects in ISPE?

I am currently co-leading the YP marketing working group at ISPE DACH and actively engage in building the YP community, promote events and work with other enthousiastic people on concepts to make this community a great place to be.

What are your takeaways from your activities within the ISPE?

ISPE is a well-known and recognized network that is not only a closed club for senior executives and experienced professionals, but a welcoming place for young members that want to actively contribute and shape the future.
I can only encourage and recommend to you to join us and make a contribution!