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Unser Ziel: Betreibern, Planern, Herstellern und Interessierten, die im beruflichen Alltag mit HVAC und Facility Design zu tun haben, eine Diskussionsplattform für Fachthemen und zum Austausch von Erfahrungen zu bieten. Diese Zielsetzung wird durch jährlich stattfindende Fachdiskussionen zu Themen aus dem Bereich “HVAC & Sustainable Facilities” unterstützt. Zusätzlich findet regelmäßig ein Austausch mit den CoP’s anderer Affiliates statt.

Die Arbeitsgruppe wird die länderspezifischen Anforderungen an das „Facility Design“ (insbesondere Mexiko, Russland und China) aufzeigen und ein gemeinsames Verständnis, basierend auf dem Feedback der Arbeitsgruppenteilnehmer, entwickeln.


Paolo Gianolini, Takeda (Chair)

Preliminary Notes


ISPE Regional DACH Community of Practice / CoP “HVAC & Sustainable Facilities“


In the last years pharmaceutical industry faced more country specific requirements for facility design (e.g. Pressure cascades with differential values dP, air change rates ACR, etc.). E.g. Specific Values (dP/ACR) have been published specifically in these country guidelines which lead to different conclusions for design engineering / operational engineering and other stakeholders.
Specifically countries like Mexico, Russia and China updated their country guidelines, or request region specific design.


Develop a global common understanding and best practices, based on the regional experiences and the feedback from ISPE members.


The developed recommendations & best practices incl. their justification should be shared and published as recommendations in the ISPE community. This global common understanding may support a common view for the regional regulatory authorities, as these are essential partners ensuring GMP manufacturing.
The ISPE regional DACH CoP “HVAC & Sustainable Facilities “offers a cross functional working platform for relevant experts from stakeholders to exchange and align on main facility design requirements.


The kick off and the resulting workshops provide different aspects of implementing country specific standards. The objectives can be enlarged to other upcoming guidelines from further countries in a following phase.
The published paper should allow developing a common base for argumentation.
To ensure that both aspects of this topic (engineering and quality) are considered, the set‐up of the workshop is to have representatives of ISPE members experienced in pharma manufacturing and quality operations.


Members of the ISPE regional DACH CoP “HVAC & Sustainable Facilities” are ISPE members by default.
Additional Members are welcomed from regulatory agencies or functions.
Expectations on team member commitment are participation in regular quarterly telecons and two face to face meetings per year.
Content‐wise: contribute and share personal expertise and knowledge as compatible with the own job description and applicable codes from either ISPE or employer.


Paolo Gianolini, Takeda (Chair)
Christian Beyer , Bayer Consumer Health (Co‐Chair)
Daniela Allhenn, (Bundesverband der Arzneimittel‐Hersteller e.V./BAH)
(August, 2018)

Steering Committee

Dr. Daniela Allhenn,
Bundesverband der Arzneimittel‐Hersteller e.V./BAH

Dr. Christian Beyer, Co-Chair
Bayer Consumer Health
Paolo Gianolini, Chair

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